Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comfort Food & Small Affirmations

Another 2007 Blog

This isn't a new finding, but a reminder to me of what makes a comfort food such a comfort. I think it's food that reminds us of a time when we felt especially safe and loved - and if we're lucky, that sense of loving security comes from somewhere along the path of our childhood.

This morning I made Cream of Wheat - haven't had it in 9 years. Don't turn your nose up just yet - the way I make it is awesome: boil it in whole milk with a pinch of salt, when it's finished cooking add real butter, sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of half & half. It's the ultimate comfort in a bowl.

Why haven't I had it in 9 years? Because it, along with Kleinpeter Egg Nog was all I could eat for about 2 weeks (9 years ago) when I had my Wisdom Teeth removed and got a dry socket. During that two weeks, I was home from work, spending every moment with Rebecca and sharing my many bowls of Cream of Wheat with her.

So this morning, Becca comes in the kitchen and says "Something smells good!" I said, "It's Cream of Wheat" she asks for a bite, I give her one from my bowl and she lights up and says "OH MY GOSH MOM! I remember that from when I was a baby! It's just so YUM!!!!" My child knows what it is to have a sweet taste on her tongue, a warm meal in her belly and associated feeling-memories of happiness and love as a small child. Thank You God for small affirmations that I'm not completely botching this Motherhood gig!


  1. I hear ya. Today I got more hugs than I've had in the past week combined and an "I love you, Mom!" with a huge smile. I wish I could bottle these things because she's getting older and less apt to do them. So thank You, God, for affirmations!

  2. We have both been blessed with affectionate daughters - such a blessing, I never want to take it for granted.