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Why I Think Zac Efron Might Be the Anti-Christ

Hey Everyone In Bloggetyville! I am working on moving some blogs I wrote on MySpace over the past few years to this blog so I have any that I especially like all in one spot. This is actually a blog I wrote in 2007. I hope you enjoy it. And just to make it more current: We still have a Zefron fan in our home - but the list of celebrity crushes has grown and is much longer these days. We no longer have a dog named Charlie. I survived the event I write about below, but definitely have the gray hairs to show for it!

Start 2007
Sunday I took Rebecca to see the movie Hair Spray because she's been seeming to have a little crush on Zac Efron - complete with about 15 pictures/posters of him on her wall - and because I heard the movie was just really good. It was! It was the most fun I think I've ever had at the movies (and I used to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight in Ft. Worth y'all!) If you haven't seen it, you NEED to. It is awesome - the music, the dancing, the message - Interracial Harmony and Love.

Queen Latifah was incredible - woman has some serious pipes!
Amanda Bynes - I love this wholesome girl, she's funny, pretty and much smarter than the ditzzy character she plays in this movie to perfection. When you see the expressions on her face throughout the movie, you will crack up!
Nikki Blonsky - lead character, first time on screen and a complete and total smashing success! She was a joy to watch from the first moment you saw her on the screen. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. Better than many who've been entertaining us for generations.
Michelle Pfieffer - Still beautiful, still a good actress, plus we get to hear her sing and see her dance (a little) in this role.
Elijah Kelly - in a word: HOTNESS. Can this man move or can he move? Wonderful dancer, superb in the role of Seaweed. I'd pass out if he touched his forefinger to my lips too. That's all I'm sayin' and I ain't sayin' no more!
Christopher Walken - one of my all time FAVORITE actors of all time anyway - wish we'd have seen him sing and dance a bit more - he's excellent at both, and was a pleasure in this movie as well. Really funny.
John Travolta - did an excellent job - and I went in skeptical. He pulled it off and is such a natural dancer - the fat suit didn't make a bit of difference in his gracefulness. Even if he does pray to Xenu. ;)

So now we're left with the Anti-christ himself:
He was...actually... AWESOME. Cutest thing in the world - with the dark hair, the curl in the middle of his forehead, cerulean blue eyes - that he winks with often, and dance moves that look custom made for his little tush. What girl wouldn't fall in love with him? ME. That's who. Wanna know why? Keep readin'.

After the movie, all afternoon and well into the evening, Rebecca kept going on and on and ON about how much she just LOVES Zac Efron, how cute he is, how EVERYTHING he is. She even told me her favorite dance move of his was when he does this Elvis-inspired leg popping thing that ends with a big ol' HIP THRUST! (Believe it or not, I maintained a constant and pleasant facial expression with no hint of the seed of contempt that was then and there planted in my heart for this Devil's Spawn called "Zefron" by his minions of fans!)

So we're sitting on the couch and she kisses our dog and says "I just love kissing Charlie on the nose." And I said "Would you rather kiss Charlie on the nose or Zac Efron on the nose?" And do you know what my heathen little 11 year old monster answered???? She said..."I'd rather kiss Zac Efron on the LIPS!"And there it was. The end of my darling daughter's innocence splayed out before me in all of it's gory ugliness.

Because of Zac Efrons eyes, hips and lips - my little girl has discovered BOYS and she thinks they might be fun to kiss. It was truly one of the saddest moments of my life as a mom so far. It made me realize that, not yet, but gradually over the next few years, I will cease to be the center of her universe. She will find the things some stupid boy has to say infinitely more interesting than what good ol' Mom has to say. And my hugs from her will be fewer and farther between because some icky person she's infatuated with will be stealing her affections. And you know what??? I just can't stand it, and I'm not ready now and I won't be ready then either. And the pain of knowing the inevitability of it all is heart wrenching, isn't it?

The worst thing is the fact that the ONLY way to keep a solid bond with her and keep her communicating with me is to allow her to dive headlong into her boy crazy phase and to even revel in it with her. I find myself having to giggle with her over Corbin Bleu's dimples and floppy hair, then listening for hours on end and she tells and retells me the same trivial facts again and again about Zefron, Orlando Bloom, and all of their friends! It's a hard row to hoe, I know that much. End 2007

In retrospect, her entire innocence is not gone - she is growing up and becoming a young woman all the same. It's wonderful but bittersweet, and on more than one occassion has caused tears to pop into my eyes and a choke of melancholy to grab my chest. I wouldn't change a moment of these times.

Rebecca's Favorite song at time this blog was orginally written was "Ladie's Choice" from the movie Hairspray and sung by the boy who might possibly be the Devil himself...Zac Efron.
Click Here to watch and listen for yourself--> Enjoy it if you possibly can.

Hey little girl with the cash to burn
I'm sellin' something you won't return
Hey little g irl take me off the shelf'
Cause it's hard having fun playing with yourself
Once you've browsed through the whole selection
Shake your hips in my direction
A prettier package you never did see
Take me home then unwrap me
Shop around little darlin'
I've got to beThe Ladies' Choice, (Ladies' Choice), Ladies' Choice
Hey little girl with the ford for sale
Test drive this American male
It's gonna take cash to fill my tank
So let's crack open your piggy bank
Hey little girl going window shopping
I got something traffic stopping
Hey, little girl on a spending spree
I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree
I'm the Ladies' Choice, (Ladies' Choice), Ladies' Choice(ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh)
Hey, little girl on a spending spree
I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree
Hey little girl, listen to my plea
I come with a lifetime guarantee
And one day maybe we'll find that baby makes three
It's the Ladies' Choice...I'm the Ladies' Choice

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